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Small Business Loans for Women

All across America, more successful businesses are owned and operated by women than ever before. That being said, it can be very difficult for women to obtain small business loans from traditional lenders in today’s current economy. At Mulligan Funding we understand that it’s crucial for female entrepreneurs to have access to working capital when they need it. At Mulligan, we’re happy to assist women across the country to grow and expand their businesses!


A Variety of Funding Solutions


At Mulligan Funding, we offer a variety of small business loans for women. We realize that your business and your position in the marketplace is unique. And we’ll take the time to listen and understand what those differences are.

Let’s face it, the financing industry isn’t usually known for its compassion or empathy. It’s usually all about the money. And while we at Mulligan appreciate developing profitable relationships, we treat all of our clients as a valued partner. We believe that a successful funding company should be financially astute but not at the expense of the long term relationships it wishes to build.

We’ve always felt that if we were willing to invest the time and effort necessary to treat each of our clients as valued business partners instead of just as a way to make a quick buck, the results would be worth it. And it turns out that we were right!

Check out some of our small business loans for women here:

Working Capital Loans for Women

Working capital loans are a great option for female business owners. These short term unsecured business loans are usually used to address common daily expenses as well as unexpected cash-flow needs for your business. Examples of uses might be payroll, accounts payable vs accounts receivable deficit, equipment, expansion, marketing etc. Please see our Working Capital Loans page for a detailed explanation.  

Merchant Cash Advances for Women

A Merchant Cash Advance is technically not considered a loan. They’re a sale of a portion or future credit or debit card sales toward the amount advanced by a lender. Consequently, these advanced are unsecured loans except by future sales. Advances are paid with small daily payments through your credit card processor as a portion of credit card sales. Please see our Merchant Cash Advance page for a detailed explanation.  

Business Line of Credit for Women

A business line of credit can be extremely useful and cost effective as a small business loan for women. They are often referred to as a revolving account because of the repayment options. One of the greatest advantages of this type of business financing is that you are only charged for the capital that is accessed instead of the entire loan approved amount. An LOC is a great alternative to a lump sum long term loan. Please see our Business Line of Credit page for a detailed explanation.  

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The Mulligan Experience

Our Company Mission:

  • To treat all of our clients as a valued business partner before, during and after we help them to obtain the funding they need in order to grow and strengthen their business
  • To make the lending process fast, simple and affordable for businesses of all sizes
  • To take the time necessary to understand our clients' needs, and their business goals in order to determine the optimum amount of capital they need to achieve those goals  
  • To make financial lending the personal and professional business that it should be

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