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What You Need to Know When Seeking Alternative Business Funding

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on December 12, 2017


Are you thinking about alternative business funding for your next expansion plan? There are plenty of reasons why alternative lenders are a great choice over traditional bank loans, especially for small businesses with demanding needs. Of course, you should never enter a lending relationship without knowing fully what you’re getting into, so don’t hesitate to call the Mulligan Funding team today to learn why alternative funding could be the solution you’ve been looking for. A one-on-one consultation with a financial expert gives you plenty of opportunity to talk about pros and cons of different loan types, and your specific financial situation.

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How to Prepare Your Company's Finances for the Year End

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on December 11, 2017


As your company heads toward the end of the year, wrapping up your finances for the year’s end is a crucial step to ensure your company is in the best place to start the new year. Setting some time aside now will help you prepare for tax season and help alleviate errors and mistakes, saving your business money and time.

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After Black Friday: How to Coast Your Business Into Q1 Stress-Free

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on December 7, 2017


Congratulations: you’ve made it through another Black Friday, and you’re hurtling into another holiday season with gusto. Through all the excitement of holiday sales, don’t forget that the first quarter of the new year is coming up. Q1 is a great opportunity for businesses to take a careful look at where they’ve been over the last year, and decide where they want to be at this time next year.

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How to Find Financial Help for Small Business Owners in Trouble

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on December 6, 2017


When you’re in financial trouble, digging your way out of the hole that you’re in can seem like an insurmountable battle. But it doesn’t have to be that hard: financial assistance for small business owners is within reach.

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Reduce Your Business Taxes With Section 179

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on December 5, 2017


Tax time will be here before we know it, and it’s time to start sorting through the year’s purchase receipts and figuring out where you can use tax deductions to save. If you’ve purchased, financed, or leased equipment for your business this year, the Section 179 tax deduction could help your bottom line significantly. With this specific tax deduction, the time to use it is right now… unlike many others, you have to use this tax deduction by December 31st when it expires. If you’re late filing, then you’re out of luck.

Be sure to consult with a licensed tax professional to confirm your eligibility for this deduction. 

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Advantages of a Working Capital Loan Over a Merchant Cash Advance

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on December 5, 2017


When you’re in the process of acquiring business capital, it’s important to know the differences between major funding types. A merchant cash advance and a working capital loan may seem similar in many respects but there are important differences that you should be aware of.

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Why Business Financing Relationships Need to Be Personal

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on December 1, 2017


What kind of relationship do you have with your business financing lender?

Most business owners have never stopped to consider whether establishing a long term business financing partnership could benefit them. All too often, business owners simply seek out loans when they need them, without planning ahead to establish a long term relationship with a lender they can trust. But is that the best approach?

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A Guide to Small Business Loans in New York

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on November 29, 2017


It’s clear that New York is a state that values its small business owners. The state is bustling with small business activity, with small business owners employing over 50 percent of the private workforce alone, with over 50,000 jobs added annually. You can’t have small businesses without business funding, so here’s a look at some of the best resources for small business loans in New York, from SBA loans to working capital loans and more.

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What's the Right Amount for a Business Loan?

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on November 27, 2017


If you’re an established business and are focused on growth, you may be searching for a business loan to help you accomplish your goals. But before you apply for a loan, you’ll need to determine the best amount to ask for? If you borrow too little, you won’t accomplish your goals; and if you borrow too much it could be a financial burden. So how do you establish the “correct” amount when seeking out business funding?

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10 Must-See Resources For Entrepreneurs With Passion

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on November 24, 2017


As a passionate entrepreneur, you want to get your hands on every resource that can help your business to thrive. This is especially true if you’re a DIY-minded entrepreneur, preferring to handle every aspect of operations by yourself or within a small team.  And as your business funding partners, Mulligan Funding is just as passionate about seeing you succeed. That’s why we’ve put together this list of resources for entrepreneurs to help you in every aspect of your business, from finances and accounting to SEO and inbound marketing.

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