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The Critical Election Issue That Will Impact Millions of Small Businesses

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on October 4, 2016

While best practices come and go, there are three topics that – for good reason – remain out-of-bounds for most business conversations and communications: politics, religion and sports. (For those of you scratching your head about the last one: obviously you’ve never made a Cubs, Red Sox, Cowboys or Lakers joke to the wrong sports fan at the wrong time – things can get ugly in a hurry!)

However, just this once, we’re going to breach this wise, time-honored etiquette by highlighting a critical 2016 election issue what will impact millions of small businesses in the years ahead – possibly including yours, your suppliers, and/or your customers.

What we’re talking about here is access to capital, which Yodle.com, a popular marketing advice for small business website, has listed among its top five 2016 election issues that will impact small businesses. The other issues that could impact small businesses include income equality, taxes, regulation, and healthcare.

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5 Tips for Getting a Business Loan for Your Female-Owned Business

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on March 29, 2016

As a woman entrepreneur and business leader, you know all-too-well that both explicit, implicit and systemic gender discrimination (as well as many other kinds of discrimination) exist across the business landscape.

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How to Get Business Equipment Funding

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on March 28, 2016

One of the most profitable investments that a business can make is to purchase new or used business equipment. However, for many small and mid-sized business owners, it’s also one of the most difficult transactions to move ahead with.

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How to Get Business Loans for Women

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on March 17, 2016

In theory, getting a business loan should have absolutely nothing to do with gender, and everything to do with basic business fundamentals: customer demand, marketplace competition, profit margins, growth potential, and all of the other things that you’ll find in Business 101 courses and textbooks.

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3 Reasons Your Bank Loan Application Could Be Denied

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on March 11, 2016

It’s not uncommon for histories and legacies to be separated by an event, which basically puts everything before that moment in one bucket, and everything after in another bucket.

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Should I Apply for a Line of Credit or a Business Loan?

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on February 25, 2016

One of the most common questions we receive here at Mulligan Funding has to do with business lines of credit; and specifically, whether it’s advantageous or not to choose this option vs. a business loan.

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Pros & Cons of Debt Financing: Conventional vs. Working Capital Loans

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on February 17, 2016

As you can easily imagine, the business lending marketplace is full of terms, and one of the most common – yet among the most confusing is debt financing.

What is Debt Financing?

Let’s start by explaining what debt financing isn’t, since this is typically where the confusion and misunderstanding stems. Contrary to what the label implies, debt financing doesn’t necessarily involve “selling debt” for cash.

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5 Drawbacks of Secured Business Funding Banks & Credit Unions Won’t Tell You

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on February 12, 2016

At Mulligan Funding – as with other professional, credible companies in all sectors and industries – it’s a distinct advantage for us to work with educated clients.

This isn’t just because sharing insights and advice with our clients feels great (which it does!). It’s also because, frankly speaking, it’s in our best interest to work with informed clients. We like birthday surprises. We don’t like business loan surprises, and neither do our clients. 

The reason we bring this up, is because there’s an enduring and (to us) infuriating business loan myth propagated by banks and credit unions, which is that secured loans are somehow “better” than unsecured loans.

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12 Facts You May Not Know About a Business Working Capital Loan

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on February 11, 2016

At Mulligan Funding, we have the pleasure and privilege of speaking with small and mid-sized business owners each day.

And we aren’t just saying “pleasure and privilege” because it sounds nice (or because we like alliteration…or would that be appreciate alliteration?). It’s because we truly enjoy educating business owners on the benefits of a business working capital loan.

So with this in mind, and because you may be reading this at 3am and our team has left for the day (hey, even the industry’s best Funding Specialists need sleep!), we thought it would be helpful to highlight 12 facts that you may not know about a business working capital loan:

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How Working Capital Loans for Women Help Shatter the “Glass Ceiling”

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on February 10, 2016

According to research by the Pew Research Center, the aptly-named “glass ceiling” that prevents competent, hard working and deserving women from fulfilling their career potential is still in place – despite the surprising fact that 79 percent of men who were surveyed believe that women make excellent business leaders.

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