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Overcoming Entrepreneurial Challenges and Thriving in Hard Times

As you walk into La Perla Cocinas’ oceanfront location, you’re immediately greeted by a jolly man with a smile warmer than the sun – Guillermo Rodriguez is not only the owner and founder of La Perla Cocina #1 and #2, he works full time at the front of his restaurant 7 days a week.

Mexican born and raised, Guillermo studied tourism – anticipating that a sea of job opportunities would await him in Mexico’s vacation destinations. When these opportunities were not as bountiful as he’d expected, Guillermo decided to try his luck in San Diego.

A couple of Guillermo’s friends living in San Diego encouraged him to get into the restaurant industry. Guillermo began at the bottom; bussing tables and working his way up to becoming a server. After learning the ins and outs of the industry, Guillermo and two of his friends decided to start their own restaurant.

Guillermo felt that their restaurants’ location was the main reason sales were mediocre, so within a couple years he ventured out with aspirations of starting his own restaurant. A personal connection referred Guillermo to a location in Pacific Beach that was looking for a renter; he decided to go for it.

After building the foundation of La Perla Cocina, Guillermo was hit with some unexpected expenses and was in critical need of business financing. The first loan from Mulligan enabled Guillermo to repair his main cooler and to purchase additional equipment for the kitchen.

“I felt more relaxed having money from Mulligan to back me and my business in times of need.”

After a positive experience the first time around, Guillermo came back to Mulligan for a second loan to open up an additional location in PB that his son now manages.

Moving forward Guillermo has dreams of opening a taqueria. He’s confident that his entrepreneurial spirit and ideas combined with funds from Mulligan will help realize that dream in no time.

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