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How To Use The New Year’s Fresh Start Effect To Make Your Business More Profitable

Posted by Rick Nischalke on December 29, 2016

Anyone who owns a business, whether it’s a small side business or a big and growing business, obviously wants it to be profitable.

Maybe you’ve been dragging your feet when it comes to implementing new models and strategies that could improve your business and make it more profitable.

Chances are, come the New Year, you’ll be changing all that. Here’s why:

The Fresh Start Effect

The “fresh start effect” was studied by Psychologists who found that turning points in life that mark a new beginning (such as a New Year) can empower business owners (and just people in general) to improve their habits and get their act together.

If you’re a business owner (whether you’re a blogger, a vlogger, a t-shirt designer or a jewelry-maker) you’ll notice a surge in your motivation to succeed when the New Year approaches, and that’s what the “fresh start effect” is all about.

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How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Posted by Rick Nischalke on December 19, 2016

If you have a great idea for a new product or service, you’re probably dreaming about all the potential money you could earn as an entrepreneur. However, creating a new business or inventing a new product isn’t as easy as it might seem. That’s why we’ve compiled six top tips to put you on the right track to becoming a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Start With Baby Steps

Risk is an integral part of entrepreneurship, but the reward can be worth it. Instead of quitting a current position or investing all your money into a new business idea, take smaller risks by working in the evenings and making small worthwhile investments. By taking smaller risks in the beginning of this process, you’ll be making better judgments and investments early on which can save you time and money later.

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3 Tips for Building Strong Business Credit

Posted by Rick Nischalke on October 28, 2016

If you have a great business idea and you're thinking of applying for a small business loan from a bank, you might want to think again. As reported Bloomberg: “Getting a small business bank loan is never easy, and it’s been especially difficult since the financial crash of 2008 and the lingering credit crunch…it is still virtually impossible to get a loan to open a new business.”

Bloomberg is right! Without a long history of business and a great business credit score, bank loans are nearly impossible to get these days. So how can you get a small business loan when you need it most?

Starting out by building strong business credit will not only help you get a loan, but it will also help you get more favorable terms with vendors and suppliers, pay lower interest in business-issued credit cards, and may even lower your insurance rates and other costs of doing business. Here are 3 tips to help point your business in the right direction:

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Business Funding Advice from the Experts

Posted by Rick Nischalke on October 5, 2016

At some point in their business career, most business owners are forced to use their personal assets (credit cards, savings, investments, home equity loan, etc.) to provide working capital to fund their business. If you've been in business for any length of time, you can probably relate.

If you've ever found yourself needing access to additional capital quickly for your business, you probably know that there’s plenty of  business funding advice available on the web. However, there are times that it can be difficult to determine the difference between misleading information that can harm your business and insightful and accurate information that can help your business.

So whether you're in need of a quick infusion of capital now or just want to be prepared for a future need, here’s a rundown of the key factors we share with business owners that ask us for expert business funding advice:

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The Future of Small Business Lending

Posted by Rick Nischalke on August 16, 2016

Obtaining funding for both small and medium-sized businesses is a major concern these days. Maintaining adequate cash flow for your business has never been more important. But qualifying for working capital funding is easier said than done, as banks and other traditional lenders are resistant to supporting anything but large corporations with perfect credit.

At some point in their business career, most business owners are forced to use their personal assets (credit cards, savings, investments, home equity loan, etc.) to provide working capital for their business. If you've been in business for any length of time, you can probably relate.

Mulligan Funding exists to solve the single greatest problem plaguing businesses in the lending industry today, providing easy access to working capital loans, merchant cash advances and business lines of credit to companies across the US.

Our CEO David Leibowitz, was recently featured in Inc. Magazine. In the article he describes how and why our company helps business owners and shares his views about the future of the lending industry.

Read the full interview at Inc. Magazine


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How to Make the Most of Business Networking Events

Posted by Rick Nischalke on July 15, 2016

Are you in a position or profession that requires you to attend networking events? Some of us look at these events as an opportunity, while many of us see it as a “necessary evil” to accomplish a goal. In either case, here are some ideas about how to make the most of a networking opportunity, while simultaneously increasing your comfort level and effectiveness.

First, when possible, prepare a plan of attack before you arrive. Find out who will be attending and target your best prospects. Find out a bit about the individual or their company to show your interest in developing a relationship with them and or suggesting how you may be a good fit for each other. For example, when I am looking for businesses who might find a loan useful, I can look at their business model to determine whether a working capital loan or a merchant cash advance would be best. In situations where you aren't able to determine who will be your best prospects before a networking event, just start with the steps below.

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3 Great Working Capital Loan Options!

Posted by Rick Nischalke on April 13, 2016

While time is always of the essence on the business landscape, the stakes are much higher for small businesses. Delays and setbacks can be damaging or catastrophic, and ultimately even fatal to your business.

Below we've highlighted 3 excellent ways to increase your small business working capital in a matter of days! Each of these options allow you to cover expenses, investment in equipment, staff, vehicles, marketing campaigns, repairs etc. Unlike traditional financing, the use of funds is never restricted as long as your business can support the payback schedule. This freedom allows you to meet your immediate needs and goals and to take advantage of opportunities for growth, while firmly positioning you for future success and profitability.

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Need Seasonal Business Funding? A Merchant Cash Advance Could be the Ideal Answer

Posted by Rick Nischalke on April 1, 2016

As the days get longer, the temperatures climb higher, and kids stare longingly out the window waiting for summer vacation to arrive, thousands of seasonal businesses are gearing up for what they hope will be their best year ever.

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3 Options for Getting a Small Business Working Capital Loan

Posted by Rick Nischalke on March 31, 2016

As a small business owner, you know that “it takes money to make money” – and that means getting a working capital loan isn’t optional, but necessary for your continued success and growth and, frankly, your long-term survival as well.

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What Are the Options for Unsecured Business Funding?

Posted by Rick Nischalke on March 30, 2016

Unsecured business funding refers to loan products that are not backed (i.e. secured) by pledged assets, such as equipment, properties, vehicles, mortgages, and so on.

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