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Working Capital Lender Since 2008

We’re pleased to offer you easy access to the working capital you need and a funding experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Mulligan Funding is based in San Diego, California. We offer business loans throughout the country. We established our company in 2008, in direct response to the withdrawal of banks from the small- and medium-sized lending market following the collapse of the financial sector. At a time when businesses needed working capital more than ever to survive and grow, financial institutions walked away. Good businesses with strong track records and motivated owners and operators, were abandoned and left with few avenues to funding. This struck a chord with Mulligan’s founders, who had owned and grown multiple businesses of their own.

Mulligan Funding was created specifically to serve the unique financial needs of small to medium sized businesses. Our approach is rooted in our personal understanding of the value that accessing reliable working capital plays in being able to compete in a demanding marketplace. We also understand the frustration of being denied access to small business financing or being subjected to an unnecessarily complicated or confusing process.

As a private, family-owned business, Mulligan Funding has the flexibility to do things our way – or, as we see it, the right way. We offer a variety of business funding options and a level of service that traditional banks are simply incapable of providing. The Mulligan Experience ensures that your voice is heard, by everyone at Mulligan – from your personal account representative to our CEO.

Growing With You

Our commitment to helping our clients has resulted in us growing with them!

To date, we have funded over $120 million. We’ve done business with companies of all sizes, and across many industries. We’ve helped clients that do as little as $100,000 in annual sales to those that exceed $20 million.

We offer small business loans to our clients which include retail businesses such as restaurants, auto-repair, markets and salons; as well manufacturing and industrial businesses; transport companies; and service businesses such as construction, HVAC, plumbing and electrical, childcare, and healthcare. The list of sectors we work with is constantly growing and is never closed.

Even as we expand our offerings, we’ve stayed firm in our commitment to provide quality lending solutions with an unparalleled client experience.

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The Mulligan Experience

Our Company Mission:

  • To treat all of our clients as a valued business partner before, during and after we help them to obtain the funding they need in order to grow and strengthen their business
  • To make the lending process fast, simple and affordable for businesses of all sizes
  • To take the time necessary to understand our clients' needs, and their business goals in order to determine the optimum amount of capital they need to achieve those goals  
  • To make financial lending the personal and professional business that it should be

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