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Grow Your Restaurant with a Restaurant Equipment Loan in San Diego

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on October 18, 2017

Any restaurant owner can tell you that steady growth is their number-one priority. Especially when you live and work in a busy urban area such as San Diego, you need to continually have your eye on the next growth step in order to compete.

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How to Get a Small Business Loan To Grow Your Business When You Don't Qualify for a Grant

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on October 16, 2017

Success and growth go hand-in-hand, so naturally you want to begin expanding your business as soon as you can. Expansion requires funding, and it can be hard to get hold of the amount of capital needed for long-term growth plans. Many entrepreneurs turn to grants, but find that it’s too hard to get approval, or that grants aren’t tailored for their specific business type. Don’t worry—instead, look into how to get a small business loan that provides the capital you need for growth.

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Manage Off-Season Cash Flow with Business Lines of Credit and More

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on October 13, 2017

Regardless of whether you run a Christmas tree farm, a pool maintenance service, or any other type of seasonal business, having a seasonal business means one common challenge: managing cash flow in the off-season. This delicate balancing act takes some serious finesse, but repays in dividends when you reap the rewards coming back into busy season. Here are some simple steps you can take to manage off-season cash flow with alternate income streams, business lines of credit, and more.

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Corporate Loans vs. Angel Investors: Which Is Best For Your Business?

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on October 13, 2017

You’re heading into another year of business, and beginning to see some challenges when it comes to cash flow. It’s wise to seek an alternative funding source now, before you need it: the only question is, do you choose an angel investor or corporate loans? Before you take the plunge, make sure you’re fully educated on your options. Let’s get started:

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Open Your Own Trendy Business with Small Business Loans in San Diego

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on October 11, 2017

When you open a business in San Diego, it’s important that you get it right. This city is so full of life and influence that there’s a new trendy business on each corner. No matter what your niche, there’s guaranteed to be competition, and you have to take a fierce approach to survive.

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5 Signs That You Need a Business Loan

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on October 9, 2017

It’s easy to find yourself in a bind as a business owner, but hard to admit that you need a business loan. However, a business loan is nothing more than a useful tool that can get you out of a stressful financial situation. Don’t look at business loans as a burden or a source of shame: rather, taking out a business loan gives your business the opportunity to thrive.

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Managing Family-Owned Business Cash Flow with Working Capital Lines of Credit

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on October 6, 2017

Family-owned businesses are often more susceptible to cash flow issues than most. As a small business, you lack a dedicated accounting and finance department to handle cash flow. When cash flow management isn’t on point, you’re even more susceptible to little issues and hiccups that might leave you without a way to pay accounts receivable that month, digging you into a financial hole.

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How to Find a Working Capital Loan in San Diego

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on October 4, 2017

Your local business needs a marketing revamp or new restaurant equipment, but you’re not sure how to go about finding a working capital loan in San Diego. Working capital can be a great asset to businesses who need to make improvements or improve their cash flow. Luckily, it isn’t too hard to find a trustworthy local lender once you know what you need and discover your options. Here’s how to get started:

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I Need a Small Business Loan - Does This Mean I've Failed?

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on October 2, 2017

It’s common to feel like you’ve failed as a businessperson if you find yourself in need of a small business loan. But you shouldn’t feel that way: debt isn’t a negative mark on your performance as a business owner. It’s not the same level of negative impact as a bankruptcy or closing your business permanently. It’s simply another form of capital to help you grow. Here’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed:

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Is your business stuck in a rut? How to Use Fast Business Loans for Growth

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on September 29, 2017

You’ve gotten your small business through the first couple of years - congratulations! The longer you stay in business, the longer you’re likely to continue staying in business. The only problem is that now you’re facing a plateau after that initial growth spurt. The biggest cause of small business failure is cash flow, with over 82 percent of businesses failing due to unanticipated issues with cash flow.

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