How to Get Business Loans for Women

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In theory, getting a business loan should have absolutely nothing to do with gender, and everything to do with basic business fundamentals: customer demand, marketplace competition, profit margins, growth potential, and all of the other things that you’ll find in Business 101 courses and textbooks.

However, we all know that things in the real world can be different — and theory can fly out the window. And unfortunately, one of the clearest and most damaging illustrations of this has to do with business loans for women.

Systemic bias

Though the situation today is much improved from what it was a few decades ago, the fundamental fact remains that in some circles, women still face a systemic bias when it comes to getting business loans. The very concept of credit scores and credit history – both of which are vitally important as far as banks are concerned – may be skewed towards men who, traditionally, have been a family’s primary income earner, primary credit card holder, and so on. However, this demographic has changed quite a bit with more women entering the workforce and earning an income and establishing their own credit score.

The irony here, of course, is that study after study – including this one out of the UK – confirms what has anecdotally been known for ages: generally speaking, women are better with money than men! They often make smarter and more carefully researched decisions, they’re better at saving, they’re better at managing debt, and so on. In other words, they’re ideal business loan customers!

The Mulligan Funding alternative

Mulligan Funding is a great alternative small business lending partner that proudly provides access to business loans for women across the country.

What’s more, we provide all of our clients with ongoing support and advice, in order to help them maximize their business funding and get more for less. For example, unlike other lending companies, we do NOT encourage our clients to get a larger business loan than they need. On the contrary, we think it’s much more sensible and sustainable to choose a manageable amount, and simply apply for additional funds down the road as needed.

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