Fruitcraft Pours Their Way Into Mulligan Funding’s “Putting the Customer First Award”

Alan Haghighi founded Fruitcraft to do more than revive the oldest and most natural form of alcohol beverages; his business venture sprouted from a drive to do something bigger than himself. 

Fruitcraft is Mulligan Funding’s most recent recipient of our Putting the Customer First Award, recognizing small businesses that go above and beyond – providing customers with superior products and services. 

From kombucha to cider and mead, to wine from fruit and Eau De Vie, Fruitcraft ferments a variety of fruits to produce delicious craft beverages. Since its founding in 2009, Fruitcraft has gained a dedicated and loyal following, noticeably soaring to the top of all major social media review platforms. 

Providing unmatched customer service for Fruitcraft is all about actively listening to the customer and to the market. “We tailor the experience to the customer and try to ask the right questions… instead of having a bartender recommend his or her favorite beverage to a customer – we ask them what types of drinks and flavors they tend to enjoy so we can serve them a beverage that will suit their taste. Fruitcraft’s customer service success habits surround all aspects of the customer experience, such as the cohesive design of their menu, the layout of their space and interactions with staff.

Meanwhile, Fruitcraft is an employee and member owned venture designed to maximize social value. Founding members receive discounts on all purchases, access to special events, and opportunities to earn store credit. Ten percent of profits go back to employees. In the near future, Fruitcraft aims to provide free startup grants to entrepreneurs who adopt their same pay-it-forward model.

Alan believes it’s better to give than to receive; “If all businesses everywhere were owned by communities, the negative outcomes of business would no longer exist. Having a community-owned business means building social value and distributing wealth to the community it serves.” Alan laughingly admits that he may be a little delusional in believing that Fruitcraft’s business foundation will save the world, but it is definitely a start. 

Alan’s biggest piece of advice on how to build and improve business relationships: “Know your why, it’s what will drive you to persevere.”

Through leading by example, sourcing local products and labor while maintaining a community minded mission, and delivering service by a team that cares, Fruitcraft stands apart from the crowd. Mulligan Funding is proud to recognize them for product and service excellence, with an appreciation for Fruitcraft for raising a glass to good. Fruitcraft will use the $2,000 from Mulligan to build out and design their wedding venue space.