Texas Landscaper Teams Up with Mulligan Funding for Inner City Youth

Nationally recognized lending partner, Mulligan Funding, recently offered its clients a unique opportunity through a Customer Video Contest.  The company asked its clients to submit a brief video about their company and their experience with the alternative lender.  The selected winner would be awarded a 60-second professional video animation about their business, courtesy of Mulligan Funding.  The animation would be the winner’s to own and utilize on their website, social media and anywhere else they promote their business.

After accepting submissions for more than a month, a winner was selected:  Justin Chappell, Owner of Bama’s Landscaping, a landscape counseling and planning company based out of Waxahachie, Texas.  In his video, Justin explains, “With a business like mine, it’s actually very tough to get a loan.”  That being said, Justin’s experience with Mulligan Funding could not have been better.

Access to the loan allowed the then 3-truck, 10-vendor landscaping company to upgrade equipment, purchase additional vehicles and overall expand its reach to cover the entire state of Texas.  As a result, Bama’s Landscaping quickly started seeing income ramp towards a doubling of its past annual levels.

When Mulligan Funding informed Justin that he was selected as the contest winner and would receive the coveted video animation prize, they loved the response they got…

Justin selflessly asked, “I was hoping, if I won, to use the video to help my 501c3 instead of my business.  In fact, I was wondering if Mulligan would agree, instead, to write a check directly to the charity. Our budget is very tight.”

Justin is a co-founder of Bloodz of Christ — an outreach nonprofit that strives to bring hope and instill morals and values in inner city young men.  The organization, founded in 2009, partners with Boys and Girls Club and supports more than 100 boys from the Waxahachie, Ennis, Desoto and Dallas regions.  Some of the most popular activities include a basketball team, chess club, and Mime Ministry.

Some of the earliest participants in the organization from 2009 have now returned as volunteers and preachers.  Justin and his nonprofit organization are dedicated to spreading awareness of the significance of youth development.  He hopes his story will inspire others to step up, make a difference, and provide more opportunities for inner city youth.

Needless to say, Mulligan Funding proudly complied with Justin’s request.

About Bloodz of Christ
Bloodz of Christ is a nonprofit organization located in Dallas, TX.  The organization was founded in 2009 by Justin Chappell, Tevin Parish, Aaron Spensor, Andrew Cooper, and Bron Titus to bring hope and instill morals and values to inner city male youth. The goal is to help these young men reach their potential through professionally supported, one-on-one mentoring relationships that have a measurable impact.