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Kickstart the New Year with Fast Business Funding for Business Improvements

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on January 2, 2018


With the new fiscal year comes new opportunities to improve your business. Now’s a great time to take advantage of fast business funding opportunities to finance much-needed upgrades to crucial parts of your daily business operations. Tech, employee development, and customer satisfaction management are three areas that your business revolves around, yet often don’t receive the amount of funding that they should. If you’re kicking around the idea of taking out a loan in the New Year to get your business up to speed, don’t hesitate any longer.

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Fast Business Loans Do Exist – But Not at Your Bank!

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on August 16, 2017

Most of us know that the pace of a small business is much faster than most large businesses. Big businesses usually have large human and financial resources to draw from. Small businesses do not.

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You Need Fast Business Funding to Survive Unexpected Expenses

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on June 13, 2017

If there’s one thing business owners know for certain, it’s that they will experience unexpected expenses in the course of doing business. Business owners need to have a viable source to obtain fast business funding in order to survive these expenses. The surprises could range from having to replace an important piece of equipment to needing fast business loans to take advantage of a sale or profitable business opportunity.

No matter the reason why you need fast business funding, it’s important to know that a trusted lending source like Mulligan Funding is there to help you deal with the unexpected. Here are some examples of when you may need fast business loans to help you get through a surprise or two.

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Fast Business Loans: How to Find the Best Lender

Posted by Mulligan Funding Blog Team on May 23, 2017

Small business owners frequently have need of immediate cash to take advantage of an opportunity, expand, make repairs or to increase their cash flow. However, depending on the lender you work with, getting fast business loans for growing your business isn’t always an option. Banks sometimes take weeks, or even months, to approve you for a business loan; especially if an SBA program is involved. Finding the best lender to meet your needs quickly can alleviate a lot of frustration, long delays and lost revenue. Fast business loans aren’t impossible to find, you just can’t find them at traditional banks.

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