How to Use and Get Alternative Business Funding for Seasonal Businesses

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Seasonal businesses face unique business funding needs that require careful planning as well as rapid access to additional sources of cash flow — because everything from weather issues, to seasonal worker recruitment/retention challenges can destabilize operations.

And since the window for seasonal businesses to generate revenues is limited, the consequences of facing any of these threats could be more than a “bad quarter” – it could be the end of the business itself.

To proactively prevent these hazardous scenarios from unfolding, below are 3 effective ways that your seasonal business can use alternative business funding:

Hire the best available seasonal workers.

Competition for seasonal workers can be extremely high, as several businesses attempt to onboard qualified workers during the same limited time period.

Alternative business funding gives you the working capital you need to launch recruitment campaigns earlier than your competitors, and offer enhanced compensation packages to build the seasonal workforce you need to maximize productivity, revenues and profits.

Launch advertising and marketing campaigns.

While no business can afford to be “the best kept secret in its industry”, this predicament is fatal to seasonal businesses that have a limited window to reach customers and drive revenues.

Alternative business funding gives you the working capital you need to launch advertising and marketing campaigns – online and/or offline – so that when your doors open (or when your inventory arrives and your website starts accepting orders and payments), your eager and informed customers will be ready to go.

Increase your product offerings.

Just like businesses with year-round operations, seasonal businesses can increase revenues and profits by increasing their product offerings. For example, ski hills can sell gear and offer ski lessons, amusement parks can add gift and memorabilia items, and so on.

Alternative business funding gives you the working capital you need to boost your overall revenues, and at the same time offset risk as you have additional, diversified business lines to generate revenues.

How to Get Alternative Business Funding

The above are just some of the ways that alternative business funding can help seasonal businesses increase revenues and profits. The next question, of course, is: how do you get alternative seasonal business funding quickly, and without having to jump through endless application-related hoops? The answer to that is simple: connect with Mulligan Funding!

We proudly provide alternative business funding to seasonal businesses across the country. Our streamlined 1-page application can be filled out online, and upon approval of our proposal we’ll have the funds in your account within days. This is just one of many advantages of alternative business funding.

Call Mulligan Funding at 855-326-3564 to discuss your financing options today!

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