Business Loans for Women:
A Guide to Finding Owner-Friendly Business Loans in 2019

As any business owner can attest, the journey to success is difficult. One of the common challenges we find among business owners today is to find a lender they trust to fund their business growth. This guide discusses what to look for in a lender and in the products and services they offer for women, to give your business the best chance for success in today’s competitive marketplace.


A Personalized Approach

Building a solid relationship with a business financing partner who’s there to support your business needs and growth objectives can be invaluable for entrepreneurs. You deserve an assigned point of contact who develops a quick understanding of your business while helping you throughout the lending process and getting a business loan. How can a traditional bank financing product give you the personalized approach that you need? The answer is, it may not be able to. Since banks have higher lending standards, many business loan applications are rejected. Choose a lender and loan product for women that take your unique situation, goals, and background into consideration. It not only increases the likelihood of getting approved, but it also puts you in a financial position that will accelerate your business growth and amplify resources.

A Quick Funding Process

The application and funding process for entrepreneurs can vary dramatically between loan sources. You may want to explore business resources before applying for business loans for women. For instance, a bank loan could take several months to finalize, requiring prohibitive amounts of documentation and an extended approval process. The same kind of loan from an alternative lender can be funded within 24-48 hours. There’s much less paperwork and documentation required (especially with online lenders). This is especially crucial when you’re seeking fast business funding for short-term opportunities or unexpected emergencies. The perfect opportunity could be long gone by the time you go through the Small Business Administration (SBA) or bank process. Women should keep their credit score healthy, prioritize the ability to access capital quickly when establishing a new funding relationship because you never know when an unexpected expense will come up that requires immediate attention.


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Flexible Guidelines

A lack of established credit can be an obstacle if a woman is relatively new to the business world. And for SBA or NAWBO loans, there are often far more applicants than available funding. So, it can be difficult to secure funding for your business project. Less than perfect credit can be a major roadblock with traditional banks. Alternative lenders are much more lenient in their qualification criteria for business loans. A previous bankruptcy or bad business credit can prevent a bank approval. With most alternative lenders, a closed bankruptcy is not a problem. Banks may also Restrict the use of your loan proceeds. Women must apply for a loan for a specific purpose, and they may not have the freedom to change how funds will be used once the loan is received. An alternative lender allows an unrestricted use of funds for women, so you can use the money however you deem best. This is especially advantageous if your needs change after receiving the loan.


Working Capital Loans for Women

Working capital loans help business owners get the cash they need for day-to-day operation costs, such as payroll, rent, vendor payments, tax bills, and more. This small business loan option is also perfect for any business primed for growth. Women can use term loans to upgrade facilities, expand employee training programs, and repair or replace equipment. It’s quite common for small businesses to need additional working capital at some point in their business growth, especially factoring in seasonality and unforeseen expenses that can arise. In recent years, 48 percent of businesses in North America experienced a reduction in working capital levels. This top small business loan for women provides a quick and flexible way to invest in your business’ growth.

What Other Business Loans Are Available to Women?

Business Loans for Women

2019 Statistics show that only 56%% of all business financing applications obtain financing by large banks. 



For the majority of businesswomen, banks may not be the right place to get a loan. The extended application for business loans and vetting process means women may invest weeks or months of their time waiting, only to end up denied altogether. Overly stringent requirements can be hard to meet to get business loans, and the time investment and delay can have a negative impact on your business.

SBA Loans for Women

The Small Business Association (SBA) offers a host of funding solutions tailored toward women entrepreneurs and has lots of loan programs. SBA loans are government-backed. This removes a significant level of risk from the lender, and encourages the lender to work with businesses that would have difficulty qualifying under normal guideline standards. Business loans for women may come with different financing options and rates. You can apply for a specific program. Unfortunately, the fact that the loans are government-backed means that there’s an extensive application and vetting process. As with regular bank loans for businesses, it’s not uncommon to invest months in the application process only to be turned down in the end.

If you apply for an SBA loan, expect to be required to show, at a minimum:

  • Your personal and business credit report
  • Your resume
  • Your business plan, including balance sheets, profit-loss statements, cash flow statements, and more
  • Your personal and business tax returns for at least three years
  • All personal and bank statements for at least 12 months
  • All legal documents related to your business, including franchise agreements or licenses
  • Valuations of any collateral assets
  • A signed personal financial statement

Grants for Women Business Owners

There are grant programs that are designed specifically for women business owners. However, competition for grant money is extremely competitive, with very specific business criteria that must be met, and is typically a lengthy process to receive funding on participation approval. It may not be best to consider a grant program as a primary source of capital for businesses, especially for urgent projects or opportunities, since the likelihood that you’ll receive funding at all, let alone a timely manner, is slim at best. For most business owners, it would be wise to use a grant program only as a supplementary source of funding.

Available Funding Options

The Right Lender

Mulligan Funding offers women every aspect that they should look for in a partner. We’re a family-owned lender that takes great satisfaction in helping business owners grow their business. We offer a highly personalized approach for women entrepreneurs, a quick application and business funding process, flexible guidelines, working capital loans and business lines of credit. With Mulligan Funding as your partner, you can expect:

  • A simple, one-page application
  • Approval and funding within 24-48 hours
  • High approval rates
  • Flexible guidelines
  • A one-on-one relationship with one of our funding experts to help you through the entire lending process.

We take the time to understand your business needs and concerns so we can tailor a loan for your specific situation. And we’re highly committed to helping female business owners reach their financial goals. Call Mulligan Funding at 855-326-3564 to discuss your financing options today and get more information.

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