Small Business Loan Alternatives for Women

Small Business Loans - 2 Min Read

Across the country, an increasing number of women are launching small businesses. That’s the good news.

The tragic news, is that many of these competent, creative and hard working women will often run into the lending marketplace’s version of the glass ceiling: a rejected small business loan application.

To begin with, both men and women are facing unprecedented obstacles to getting a small business loan from their bank. This is because banks have become extremely risk adverse since the Great Recession, and also because it costs banks about the same amount of money to underwrite a $25,000 loan as it does a $2 million loan.

While this anti-small business loan sentiment is something that both men and women experience each day, the fact is that women typically face an even higher, tougher hill to climb. This is because when evaluating loan applications, banks put an immense amount of weight on credit score, credit length, and collateral – and many women don’t have all three of these going for them.

This isn’t because they’re risky borrowers or “not credit worthy”. It’s because historically, many women haven’t been the primary breadwinner in their household. As such, even though they may have – and often DO have – an immense amount of financial acumen, discipline and judgment, their abilities don’t map to the “checklist” that some banks may use.

Despite the facts about getting a small business loan, banks feel no urge or responsibility to revisit their checklist. If that ever happens, it bodes well for the children and grandchildren of today’s applicants. But it doesn’t change the fact that right now thousands of women will not get the cash they need to do what governments, cities and communities are virtually begging them to do: launch a small business!

But there’s hope! Getting a loan for for a female owned business is not impossible. In fact, quite often, working capital business loans can be a better option than traditional bank financing.

Alternative Business Funding: Mulligan Funding

At Mulligan Funding, we proudly invite women entrepreneurs and business owners to contact us and inquire about our small business loans for women. Our alternative business funding approach allows for approval rates that are much higher than banks. And we do not require great credit, a lengthy credit history, or collateral of any kind.

When you elevate your small or mid-sized business to the next level, you not only generate essential economic activity in your communities and create great jobs, but you inspire other women to follow your lead. And there’s no way anyone can put a price on that!

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