Sorbetto Gelato

San Diego, CA

The Kumpis family came to the United States with a love of gelato mixed with a passion for business.
With the capital they received through Mulligan Funding, they were able to support their
cash flow and equipment needs.

Business Facts




Food and beverage

Business Type

Producer of Italian gelato products


San Diego, CA


Supply over one hundred vendors

Customer Since


Funding Use

Equipment and cash flow

The Background

The Kumpis family, with Italian heritage and Brazilian origins, immigrated to the United States in 2013. Michael, husband to Larissa and father to Melissa and Bianca, has always had a passion for gelato, a fiery ambition, plus experience owning and operating small businesses.


Before making the move to the US, Michael and his family had been experimenting with different Italian gelato recipes. It wasn’t until they made the jump to America that they successfully built Sorbetto Gelato.

The Challenge

Like many small business owners, Sorbetto Gelato struggled to gain momentum and maintain adequate cash flow while generating enough working capital to maintain the business. Necessary but expensive equipment made building the family business particularly challenging.

The Outcome

Mulligan Funding was able to help them get the right amount of funds at just the right time. Their first business loan with Mulligan enabled Sorbetto Gelato to purchase a large soft serve machine, expand its product line, and power through slower winter months.


As the business developed, Sorbetto Gelato returned to Mulligan for access to two more short-term loans. They report having only great experiences each time. They currently supply over a hundred vendors throughout Southern California and have also expanded into the catering space.


As their customers are rewarded with delicious gelato pops, being able to help family-owned and operated businesses such as Sorbetto are what makes us glad we do what we do.

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